Thursday, November 29, 2007

Begin and End

Well, we started on Wednesday to turn out loft into a third bedroom. My dad has worked so hard to have it done by Friday which is amazing! It looks great! We will soon begin to clean out our closets and cabinets for the baby. I think we are taking our house off the market and are planning on staying here for another year. We feel even in this hard market, if God wanted us to move then he would have sold our home. God is in control....I don 't say that lightly, I believe it with all my heart.

I think I have picked out my bedding and crib for the baby. I keep going back and forth, but this one I am leaning towards. I like the colors for the nursery. I don't want light blues or yellows or sage. I feel like everyone does that when they don't know the sex of their baby. I love the colors of green and brown! We'll see if I change my mind anytime soon.

Bethany has been wonderful in allowing me to have some of her baby stuff. I keep telling her no more though! We already are tight on space so we can't take too much more from her.

Meg my sister in law said that I can borrow her pump, I just have to order the cover for them. What a blessing!

So much more to write and update about, maybe I will do it later.
This picture was taken last year when Jason played Santa and I played his little Elf, we did it for the kiddies!


Happyness said...

Adorable pic! It seems like time is FLYING by and this baby will be here before you know it!

Have you registered anywhere yet?

sharonie said...

I haven't registered yet. We were going to do it this Saturday, but there is too many other things we need to get done.

Happyness said...

Welcome to the holidays!! Which print were you looking at on JCPenney- they have SO many cute ones!!!!

Judith and Lance said...

Sharon - I remember that picture! You are so adorable. I'm glad that I can keep up w/ you through the blog and glad you are finding the things you like for Baby Sidell.

Kelly Weinberg said...

I just want to say that I MISS YOU so much Sharon!! I can't wait to see your finished baby's room!