Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We are off

Tomorrow night Jason and I leave to go to Alabama. We are going to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We are going to go to a Mississippi and Alabama football game. Jason is so excited about that. Jason and I have not been away since July! We are so excited. I am little nervous to fly though. I have been breathing heavy and kind of like getting out of breath so I hope it's not hard being on an airplane with limited oxygen.

I have a question:
When do you use me and I. For example....would you say Jason and me or Jason and I? I am getting a bit confused. In school I learned it should be Jason and I, but lately I have noticed people doing Jason and me.

Hmmm anyone?


Janna Banana said...

other people are wrong. if you take the other person out of the sentence and repeat the sentence with just "me" or "I" in it, use whichever makes best sense in the sentence. Ya...i'm a dork

ginag said...

Hope you guys have a great time away! Relax, laugh, and enjoy!

I am pretty sure that since Jason and I are the subject of your sentence, I is correct. But what do I know????

Judith and Lance said...

That always confused me too, Sharonie. But, my confusion was cleared and clouds shown through when Lance told me that same thing that Janna told you above... use whatever makes sense. Sometimes I have to say the sentence quietly in mind before I speak it to make sure I'm using "me" or "I" properly.

You'll be fine this weekend flying. I flew several times while I was pregnant and it was fine. Just keep your hands clean and try not to fall asleep and lay on the guy's shoulder sitting beside you. HAVE FUN!

Bethany Patrice said...

are you still going to call I when you get there. Me will miss you.

Kelly Weinberg said...

Have fun Sharon! Take lots of pictures so that I can see what you guys did while you were there! :)