Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Imprtant Day

Today is my 20 week appointment! We get to see the precious baby in my belly again. I feel as though it has been forever since I was able to see the little one, it's been about a month. I went to the doctor yesterday and they said that the baby's heartbeat is 148-150. I measured at 20 weeks, and my uterus is where it should be. It was a great appointmet, except for the fact that I gained 9 pounds in a month. Oh my gosh! How insane is that....oh well when I am hungry I eat whatever I want. ..... that would explain the 9 pound gain.

Today at my appointment they will be looking at the internal organs of the baby, the placenta, and to see if my hehomorage is gone. Please pray that the Lord would let all those things look "healthy and wonderful"

One more prayer request for the rest of my pregnancy is about the dr. that delivers my baby. I had a not fun experience a month ago with a dr. and I don't want that dr. to deliver my child. My normal dr told me yesterday that there is no control over that. Whoever delivers the baby I have no control over. So Jason and I are praying that the Lord will put whoever needs to deliver my baby with me on that day. That he would handpick someone for me that I would need who is gentle, kind, compassionate, and understanding, and then whoever the baby would need to have a safe delivery ....I am trusting the Lord to be faithful.

I haved some pics to post...not many of a wedding and two of my weekend in AL/MISS. I will post those with the results of the ultrasound.

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Kelly Weinberg said...

Sharon, I'm so glad that your appointment went well!! I will be praying that the rest of your pregnancy will go great and that there is no more hemmoraging! I will also pray that the Doctor that delivers your baby will be the exact person you wanted!!