Thursday, November 22, 2007

How awesome!

Yesterday I was at my mom and dad's house. We had just finished going bridesmaid dress shopping (which Janna finally decided on one), and I was laying on the couch resting. As I was laying there, I felt the baby move. I grabbed my mom's hand and she put it on my belly. She screamed and got so excited when she felt the baby move and she introduced herself to the precious baby as MIMI. My mom is so excited for another would almost think it was her first! After my mom felt the baby move, Janna had to too. She felt the baby move and kept wanting me to make it move for her over and over. It was such a sweet moment. I felt like the precious baby was saying hi to their grandma and aunt for the first time.

Later that evening, Jason and I were at home resting in bed and I felt the baby move again. It was a little more of harder kick than what it had been for my mom and Janna. I grabbed Jason's had and he felt the baby three times. Jason talked to the baby and gave it a high five back.

I loved seeing the interaction of the baby with those it will be meeting in the next few months. It was so meaningful to me.

*I gained five inches in my chest since I became pregnant (hopefully I won't gain too much more)and I had another dream I had a boy.


Judith and Lance said...

That is so precious, I want to feel that little baby move too!

(and your chest looks GREAT :)) is it alright for me to say that?

Happyness said...

That is so amazing!!!

By the way, I still think you are having a girl. Dream or no dream.

Kelly Weinberg said...

Wow, that is so amazing!! I bet that was a beautiful experience for you. I can't wait to meet your baby someday soon! :)

Bethany Patrice said...

i've never seen such big boobs in all my life..oh wait...does the name Pamela Anderson ring a bell? Will just have to call you Pam for the next few months.

sharonie said...

I beg to about yours when they were engorged! I think you have me beat by far!