Thursday, December 18, 2008

Equal Time

The time that Blake has been alive has been the same amount of time he was in my belly. Blake is 9 months old on Wed. Dec. 24th! We had his nine month appointment today. He is 50th percentile for height (28inches) and weight (20 lbs) and 90th for his head measurement.
At this point Blake can
* Stand while holding on to things
* Say mama and dada (doesn't associate the words to us)
* Spin himself around while sitting
* Scoot backwards
* Pincer grasp
* Eat Gerber puffs
* Eat yogurt
* Drink out of a cup with my assistance
* Lift his body off the ground to his torso
* Give kisses to himself in the mirror
* Sits in a big boy car seat since last week
* Since about a month ago he reaches his hand out to mine to dance
* Claps when other clap
* Still has only 3 teeth
* When I say HI in a high pitch voice, he repeats sound in a high pitch voice
* Screams when he wants something and can't reach it or we won't let him have it
* Is into the remotes

Still working on: crawling, and moving from furniture to furniture, waving bye bye, doing how big is blake, and staying on his stomach longer than 30 sec.


Gina said...

He is doing SO much! What a little cutie. When do you start training him on cleaning and cooking?

Judith and Lance said...

Good job, Blake! I sure wish I could be there to see all of your changes. You are such a sweet, handsome boy!

Megan said...

awe what a big boy!!!

Cara said...

Wow way to go Blakers!!!

Bobbi said...

That's funny about the remote!

kdana said...

ohhh, he is growing so fast. Can't believe all the things he can do.