Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Sure

This Christmas Season is hard for me this year. I am overwhelmed by those around me who are in such great need. I hurt for them, cry for them, and pray for them so much. I wish God would give these people what they NEED...not so much wants...but what they NEED right now. It breaks my heart. I have been so blessed in so many areas, but I want those around me to have those same blessings. Who am I to have received all this from the Lord. Why did he choose me to have so much and more than I NEED. I am so grateful, but then feel so bad for those who NEED so much more right now. I can only hope this Christmas, that God will meet the needs and desires of those around. That sometime soon I can blog about the overwhelming flowing of God's blessing that has been poured out upon family and friends of mine.


Gina said...

Sharon it is hard to see loved ones going through hard times. We never seem to understand God's timing, what a thing to grasp! Hopefully those going through these times will trust God and strengthen their relationship with Him! Let's continue to pray and trust that God will make a way!!!

Bobbi said...

Sharon you have such a sweet and caring spirit...praying is the most important thing you can do for those in need.