Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On my mind

Lately, on my mind I have been thinking about what is my vision for my life. All I ever wanted in life was three things:
1) Be a wife
2) Be a teacher
3) Be a mother

I have done all those things and now have been pondering what is next for me. Of course I will continue to be a wife and mother, but what else is it that God wants me to do with my life as a stay at home mother? I am not sure. I know that I need to ask God for a vision for my life and my family. I want to strive for something more than just going through the daily routine of life. Wonder what it is the Lord will show me.

ON another note...here are some pics of Thanksgiving weekend. We made gingerbread houses and had tons of fun all weekend with the family! Blake loved his first big Holiday! He can't wait for Christmas!!!


Bobbi said...

I have the same things on my mind quite often. Sometimes I feel as though I don't do anything really important...but I know that God uses me in small ways every day...mixed in with my ordinary daily routine of life. And I'm trying to just be content with that if that's what God wants for me right now. Thanks for reminding me to continually seek God's will.

Oh, and now I really want to make gingerbread cookies!

Megan said...

I love all your pictures. I also love your tree and holiday decorations. It looks so warm!

I will be praying that God shows you what he wants for your life!

kdana said...

What a great place to be spiritually, to be striving for greatness in His eyes, and to not allow contentment to settle in. I can't wait to see whatelse God calls you to do, but I do hope you know how amaing it is that God has called you to be a wife and mom and has fulfilled those visions. You are doing great.

Gina said...

Oh sister, I am so right there with you with wanting a vision!!!!

Judith and Lance said...

I often ponder the same thing and want to make sure I'm doing enough for the Kingdom of God to be advanced.

I love the pictures, so much fun. I wish we could decorate Gingerbread Houses together like we did that one yr for your b/day. You were so sweet to include me in your group of friends when you didn't even know if I was nice or a psychopath :)