Friday, November 6, 2009


Oh yesterday Blake did awesome when he got his tubes in. I woke him up at 5:45 am and got him ready. While daddy got ready we watched Jon and Kate on TLC. He loves kids, so watching that clan on TV was very entertaining to him. He was running around the house while we were gathering snacks for him that he could have after his surgery.

We got to CDH at 6:35 am. Blake was running around the office in the waiting room saying hi to everyone. At this waiting room, they actually had kids toys, book, and even Nintendo.

Finally they called us back to the room for Blake to be weighed and measured. He had bear in his hands and was running into the room and was just so happy. Never would have known he woke up 2 1/2 hours earlier than normal.

They lady then led us into the room where she took out the cutest yellow garmets Blake had to wear. They were little yellow pants and a yellow shirt that fit him perfect. Once Blake was changed, she began to check his vitals. He did awesome once again while they checked his pulse, blood pressure, and lungs. I think he loves when it gets done. He sits there patiently and then looks up and smiles at the nurse.

When we finished our vital check, the nurse pulled out several papers I needed to sign and review. As I was doing that, Blake wasn't too keen on waiting, so Jason got a HUGE red wagon...not a typical radio flyer wagon, but HUGE wagon. He began toting Blake around the hospital...the nurses saw and decided Blake needed a pillow and a blanket in the wagon. Oh was Blake ever so proud. Grinning from ear to ear as daddy wheeled him around. He would greet those in their rooms and then the nurses at the nurse station. He was so happy! Soon he decided daddy was done wheeling him around and he was going to pull bear around in the wagon. I just will never forget the grin on his face when he was pretending like he was the mayor and greeter for all the hospital workers and guests.

After waiting about 45 min for the anesthesiologist and dr. Blake was given some happy juice. It helped him with his separation anxiety and not to freak out when they put a mask over his face. He took the medicine like a pro and began to get really loopy. He was dazing out and couldn't walk on his own, he would start to tip over. It was the only time I thought I might cry seeing how that medicine affected him, but I knew it would help him and not harm him.

Shortly after the nurses, anesthesiologist, and dr came in several times to see if we had questions and to tell us they would take extra care of Blake.

The nurse took Blake away at 8:17 and then at 8:28 they came and told us that the procedure was done. That he did phenomenal and didn't cry once. He did fine when the mask was put on him, breathed a couple deep breaths, and fell asleep. They said it would take 20 min for him to wake up. Shortly after we heard two nurses say "isn't he adorable"...i jumped up turned to Jason and said...Blake is here...Blake is done! Sure enough he was wheeled in on his little hospital crib and was stretching and out came the word "mama". The nurse said that was the first word he said when he woke up! Touched my heart!!!

He looked so adorable in the hospital bed in his yellow pj's holding his bear. He was so relaxed when he was wheeled in to us.

The nurse told us to expect Blake to scream, cry, yell, and to arch his back. During that time when we were warned that Blake could react that way they assured us it was normal and the screaming and crying doesn't phase them.

Blake woke up and sat in daddy's arms and had cheerios and apple juice. Five min had passed I looked a Jason, and asked when is he suppose to scream and arch his back...????? Jason told me it should have happened already, and Blake just didn't react that way like most kids do after this type of surgery.

I was relived. The nurse kept saying how great Blake had done through out the whole surgery and before hand. I was so happy! I know my son did awesome and that he was a champ through the whole thing, but I also know that there were so many praying for us and that made the difference as well. All the texts and phone calls meant so much to me!! We were blessed to have such a wonderufl support system. Having been through a surgery with a little one now helps me to know how to pray more specifically for those who are having to go through one with their little one as well.


Cara said...

Aw Sharon it sounds like little Blake did great!! We were all praying for him and his recovery. I can't until we get our playdate with our boys :)

Megan said...

Wow I have missed a lot. Blake is such a strong boy! Praying for him and you too. :)

Sues said...