Monday, November 2, 2009

OH little one

you are too much for your mommy and daddy! too cute for us, but we don't mind. Today I was rocking you and you kept saying, "set GO!" and would like jerk your body like you are getting ready to spring somewhere. I asked you while I was rocking you what song you wanted me to sing, and the last several nights you have asked for "To You (happy birthday)!" Crazy how much you love the happy birthday song. You have started to read books more and sit and watch TV for 10min straight. You love to color and play with play dough, although mommy and daddy have to take it away every time because you put it in your mouth. You are to much for mommy and daddy because you are too cute and amaze us everyday!


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Cara said...

Play-do..smells good but tastes horrible!! I miss Blake, we need to have a play date, before Wyatt's surgery.

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