Monday, November 16, 2009

Duhhhhhhhh it's all about knowing Christ

I try and workout weekly. It's more of a hassle when I am expecting my monthly visitor. I dreaded working out this past week, but in doing so would release some stress. I decided this past week when I was working out I would take along my Parent Magazine to help bypass the time. As I began to go on the PreCore, I took out the Parent Magazine and started to read it. I came across an article about Mothers and how to reduce their stress. I had a pretty tough week last week, so I was eager to read what they had suggested in this article. They listed two things in there that totally hit home to me and I realized, did I really need a secular magazine article to tell me how to reduce stress? The two things they listed were:
1) Go in your car and meditate by yourself = hmmmm might that be praying?
2) Always be thankful it helps take your mind off of what is going on
around you = isn't that scriptural ( 1 Thessalonians 5)

I was put into my place by realizing that when I am stressed to remember to still have my quiet time with the Lord to rejuvenate and refresh me and to have the mindset that there are so many things I have been blessed with and need to be thankful for. But then I also realize that a secular magazine was talking about the Lord and the Bible and they didn't even realize it. It saddened me but also gave me hope that maybe those who are wayward and reading this article maybe able to be turned back to the Lord and be reminded what they learned in the past and go back to that relationship with him.

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Ashley Bodik said...

Wow! Incredible huh, God is even in secular stuff, he always shines His light. I love how you posted this, and I hope this week goes better. Looking forward to catching up.