Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Debate

Lately I have wondered what to do about Blake's 2nd birthday. Do we have just family or do we have friends and family? I have decided that I am going to have just family. I love the big birthdays for the sole reason that Blake LOVES PEOPLE and he LOVES KIDS...therefore to have lots of his friends and family together at once he would so enjoy. The reason I am going just family is because down the road there will be plenty of years to have a friends party. This way by just having family, they can steal all the hugs and kisses they want from him!


Sues said...

We did very small birthday parties until age 3, too, b/c by then, they're old enough to tell you who their friends are and that they want them at their party!

Cara said...

Small birthdays are the best for kids Blake and Wyatt's age. THey are too young to really understand what a "friend" means. Either way he will have fun :)