Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the mind of Sharonie:

I wonder:
* When will Blake stop taking an afternoon nap
* What new recipes I will learn this summer
* What the next three months hold for the Sidell clan
* If there will be a major world disaster in America
* What ministry Jason and I will get involved in
* How our summer will be with storms
* Will we have good weather on vacations coming up?
* If I will impact someone's life
* If Jason's job is secure
* Will gas keep going up this summer
* Will I make a new friend in the next couple months...will old friends fade away?

Oh the mind of Sharonie never stops...it keeps going and going and wondering and wondering.......


Megan said...

I also wonder WAY TOO much! p.s. Love that picture of you...beautiful!

Sues said...

I've got a list of wonders a mile long, now, too!

Prayer for joyous, happy answers!

mscottberg said...

cute pic!!! you are such a deep thinker:-) the deepest thought of the day i have is what i am making for dinner...haha!

kdana said...

that's a lot of wondering. smiles. love the orange jacket in the picture. very cute