Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blessing in the delay

I have talked to many of you on the phone about this, but I wanted to journal it and not forget what I learned.

Jason and I have been buying furniture for our home. We had seen chairs at Pier One that we loved and thought would really go well in our dining room. I had eyed them one day and told Jason we needed to purchase them. We ended up getting two initially to see if they worked...and they did! We love them. We had decided we would go back and purchase six more chairs. I was so anxious to get all six chairs around the table and wanted it so bad! I just wanted a complete set. My husband had decided he wanted to order new Chase cards that had some benifts to it when spending so much money. He wanted us to purchase the chairs and put it on the cardt. So I had to wait and wait for the Chase card to come in the mail. It finally came, I called Jason that day and said, we can get our chairs now. But then I looked closer and the envelope the card came in was opened and showed the account number. I was so annoyed because we had to order a new card, leaving us to wait longer to get our chairs. Ugh! Well needless to say, a few days later came our Chase card and then we were able to get the chairs for our dining room table.

On to this past Tuesday night (about two weeks after we ordered our chairs). Jason was searching Pier One's website to find captain chairs for the dining room table. He turns to me and suddenly says...oh my goodness, would you believe this....Pier One has our dining room chairs on sale for $40 less than what we paid for them. I was kind of sick over it. Thinking that stinks chunks! We just paid full price for each chair and now they are on sale! Ugh! Jason told me to call in the morning and ask if we could have a price adjustment.

With the suggestion from my cousin, I went on their website to see what the policy was for a price adjustment. It said that you had to buy the product within in two weeks to be able to get the money back. Well I look at the receipt and wouldn't you know we had one more day to do it!

Thank God we got the money adjustment for the chairs. And with what we were given back, it paid for one of the chairs and then some.

Here is my lesson: I was so annoyed that the Chase card took so long to come to the house and that we were having to wait to order the chairs I had my heart set on. However, if we would have bought those chairs anytime sooner, we would not have made the two week mark for the price adjustment. It was the Lord who had Jason find the chairs on sale on their website with a day to spare....and it was the Lord who delayed the Chase that we could be blessed and get a chair basically free.

***** There are blessings in the delays....and God is still working on our behalf!

I know crazy lesson for me to learn over furniture and a Chase card....but grateful for me to be reminded of God's perfect plan for my life in ALL area!


mscottberg said...

thanks for the encouragement for kayla! i LOVE the chairs, it is so fun to get a good deal:-) the chairs also match your blog background.

Cara said...

Good story...glad you saved some money. God does things we don't understand only to bless us later down the road :)

Sues said...

This is SO GOOD and SO TRUE! God always teaches us the BEST lessons through everyday life!