Monday, March 1, 2010

Overnight with my husband

Jason and I had a gift given to us for a night in a hotel in the city. We were so blessed to have had a night to ourselves in a hotel right by Mag mile. Weber grill was our choice for restaurant for the night. The food was wonderful! Then we walked along the mag mile to look for some winter hats. We found some hats for $3!!! We walked along the city streets. It wasn't cold at all, but so freeing for some reason. I had always wanted to go ice skating with Jason because he was a big hockey stud in high school and wanted to see him strut his stuff on the ice and teach me a few things. We decided to walk to skate on State street. A good mile or so walk from our restaurant. We get there and it was PACKED! However no one was on the ice. Everyone was standing on the ice watching ice dancers. We thought we missed the open skate. However...two min after that they opened the ice for the public. We quickly got in line to rent skates, and were fifth in line. Suddenly while waiting a man tapped Jason and asked if we were in line to rent skates...of course our answer was YES! He very nicely said the line was outside around the corner...there were several hundred people in line. We decided that we could wait to sake on State. But then my wonderful husband saw a sign for more outside skating just a few blocks away. We walked there and were able to enjoy a not so crowded skating rank. It was so fun!!! Jason pulled me around several times, he skated and showed off for me a bit, and then I skated arm in arm with him very slowly. I didn't fall once!

We enjoyed our night out and feel blessed to have had the chance for an overnight together in such a wonderful city.

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Michele Jackson said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you had some time alone. Hope you are doing well! Love ya!