Friday, December 14, 2007

Little one

So this morning at 4:40, the baby moved 20 times in the matter of 7 mintues. What in the world? It has moved every morning between 4:30-5:45. I guess that's when it's most awake????? Anyways....

I celebrated St. Lucia day with my parents, jason, rich, and papa. My mom made yummy homemade swedish meatballs and noodles. It was soo good! Then I served a peppermint choc. cake my mom made to everyone with a wreath on my head! Jason thought I looked cute...I thought...hmmm interesting tradition..but it was fun...we laughed, ate, and enjoyed one another's company.

1 comment:

Happyness said... cute! Perhaps the baby liked the cake and noodles! Or it was a gentle reminder that everything you do now has the potential to embarrass your children! Hehe!