Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quick update

I had my OB appointment yesterday. The babies heart rate is still at 152. I measure around 23-24 weeks. I have gained a total of 20 pounds (yikes). Next time I go I get that diabetes test. Then after that I am going every 2 weeks. Crazy! I am so thankful for a normal appointment with no complications.

A friend came to my classroom yesterday and told me she was pregnant. I was so happy for her. Now four more friends....need that same blessing!

I am rereading a very good book right now. When I Lay My Issac Down. I will have to write some excerpts from it sometime.


Lana said...

Sharon, you are rounding the bend to the home stretch! Yippee - a baby is on the way! I can't believe you made Christmas cookies - my hero! love you!

Judith and Lance said...

I liked that book. You are my hero too, I could barely stand when I was pregnant b/c my ankles were CANKLES.