Sunday, December 2, 2007

What in the world???

It's 3:45 in the morning and I woke up to my fingers being doubled in size (they have recently been somewhat swollen to begin with). It felt like a rubberband was too tight around my wrist and was cutting off my circulation to my fingers. My hands looked like an overweight person's fingers-when you can't see their knuckles. It freaked me out! I have never seen my fingers and hand be so swollen. It could be high sodium. It could be because when I woke up my hand was above my head. My fear is that it is high blood pressure. I was so scared I almost called the OB on call. I decided to run downstairs and drink two bottles of water. I moved my hand around adn it's gotten better. I have a docotor's appointment on Tuesday night, but I might go to immediate care in the morning when it opens.

It's so scary. I had heard months 6-9 or harder to be pregnant in and you get more uncomfortable. I can say that is starting to be true here. My back hurts more and my feet and hands are swollen, I get out of breath alot easier, and I even got dizzy during church on Thanksgiving and had to leave service.

This past week, I have been up every night in the middle of the night for an hour. The baby wasn't active this week and I was a bit concerned. I laid in the bed praying for an hour that the baby would give me just one kick to let me know it's alive. It would. What a comfort in a kick. People say oh, just wait. It will be kicking all the time! Last night the baby kicked quite a bit. Jason was able to feel it twice! He had the BIGGESTS grin on his face when he felt the baby move. His mom was able to feel it move over she had her first introduction with the precious baby in my belly.

I need to make some Christmas cookies. The thought of being on my feet again just doesn't seem appealing. I know I can bring the ingrediants and utencils to me and make them at the table. But then I have to get up, wash the untencils and be up and down to put the cookies and them out of the oven. I love to bake, but just doesn't seem to appealing right now.

What in the world????? Why do I have so much to say at 3:45 in the morning?

I am going to go back upstairs and hold Jason's hand untill I fall asleep. I tend to do that. WHen I can't sleep, I will hold his hand. He says he likes it when I hold his hand during the night. He doesn't know I am doing it, but he says he likes it!

Good Night!


Happyness said...

Hi Sharon!

I've been continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy for you! God will continue to be faithful as He already has been.

If that precious baby was "resting," perhaps it was because she was too FULL on Thanksgiving - I know my hubby doesn't like to move when he eats to much - last night he went to bed at 7 p.m!!!

Janna Banana said... makes me sad to hear you so scared and tired. just think, you are more than half way there. and now you know that your baby is ok and healthy.