Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yesterday my class celebrated my birthday. Usually we celebrate my birthday during the Christmas party, but my room moms (which are wonderful this year) wanted to celebrate separate from the Christmas party. They brought in a cake, had a game planned: 28 things about a girl on her 28th Birthday, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a very nice gift. I was so touched by the fact that they wanted to do my birthday separate from the class party. The kids were so excited. During the day they were asking me, "Mrs. Sidell, are you excited to have your party this afternoon?" or "Mrs. Sidell, will you wear the birthday hat during the party?" It was so sweet.

During the party, a few moms came in to say Happy Birthday. I loved it because we were able to talk about life, changes of being a mom, and just have an adult conversation apart from school and work. It was wonderful!

After the party, I went up to the room mom who did most of the work for my birthday, and told her how much I appreciated her doing this for me. She said that she knows I probably won't return next year and really wanted me to have something special. I was so blessed by her sincerity of giving and thoughtfulness.

I am sad because I know that I will miss these times...not the gifts, but interacting with adults and seeing the students get so excited.


Bethany Patrice said...

it's days like today that are going to make it hard to quit!

Kelly Weinberg said...

What a wonderful memory you have to look back on!! I'm glad you had such a special day!! :)

Janna Banana said...

dude...not only do I need a job,but one like that!