Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18 wks with the babes

Today I was able to see Reid and Tatum on the ultrasound. The tech again said she believes we have one of each. Tatum was much more active this time around and Reid even nudged Tatum. Reid still seems to be a party animal and constantly moving.

I do not feel much movement. Here in there, maybe three times a week I will feel something. I am looking forward to the next three weeks where I will begin to feel much more defined little nudges from these two.

The dr. did an exam and said my risk for pre term labor is low. He said that means I will deliver most likely at 38 weeks. I know that I will be very uncomfortable and I will be huge, yet I will be grateful to hopefully be able to bring them straight home from the hospital. Things can always change, but that is my hope.

I have gained lots of weight...20pounds. It's more than I should gain at this point! I eat rather healthy. I have a salad everyday....I crave those! For about three weeks straight I was eating egg salad everyday. I am over that for now and into eating a cheese sandwhich with mustard on it. I love having baked cheetos after my lunch and into a glass of cold chocolate milk everyday. I usually have a pudding cup in the afternoon as well. I eat fiber one cereal and a tad bit of coffee every morning.

My clothes are fitting fine, well I should say maternity clothes. Although I am now thinking I am going to need more mediums as my pregnancy progresses. With Blake I wore all smalls. Oh well with two in the womb I am bound to be bigger.

I have tried working out. I do enjoy it, the problem is I like to rest when Blake is resting and don't want to get up in the morning cause I know in just four and half months I will have to get up early with babies. I want to enjoy my rest and sleep when I can.

It was great to see the babies today and see how active they are although I can't feel it. I go back in two weeks for a two hour appointment where they check the babies growth, weight, spine, EC.

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