Saturday, December 4, 2010


This is Blake's 3rd Christmas, yet the first one that he is really getting into.

We went to the mall Nov. 21st and had our picture taken with Santa. Because I think he is understanding who Santa is, he was a bit scared but eventually warmed up to him. Blake told him all the stuff he wanted for Christmas (wiggles, toy story, shrek).

For my moms Gingerbread house contest this year, he actually was into making/eating the gingerbread house. He did a great job of biting the candy first and then putting it on his house.

He is into watching Christmas movies on TV at night when daddy gets home. We usually play and then at the end we watch a Christmas movie with the Christmas tree on.

Every morning when he wakes up he asks for "special juice." I usually give him a tiny bit of "egg nog" and then when we watch our movie at night I give him some more "special juice".

He loves loves loves his advent calender this year. He points to it on the counter and says "can i do it?" I like it cause we learn to identify numbers on it...he does pretty good with it.

Blake wasn't too much into decorating the tree this year. We let him put on ornaments, but instead he wanted to play. He put on about three ornaments and that was it.

I took Blake Christmas shopping with me this year and told him the gifts were for his nephews so he wouldn't know that they were bought for him.

I love this little boy! I love how he is getting Christmas and soon we will be talking about Jesus' birthday this Christmas season. I want to read it to him every night so it sinks in just as much as Santa does.

Random: Blake has lately been into Calliou, Wiggly Waffle show, playing with his play food, and using the words : goodness and delicious.

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Sues said...

Children make Christmas traditions & events SO MUCH BETTER!!! :-D