Friday, December 24, 2010

Chirstmas with the Eltons

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas with my family. We celebrated Dec 23rd starting at 4:00. We walked into my mom and dad's house with the smell of yummy Italian food. They catered Portillos spaghetti with chicken parm, pompie chicken ravioli with this yummy stuffed pizza loaf, and sausage from portillos too. Janna made a walnut, cranberry, goat cheese salad to go along with the dinner. Everything tasted so scrumptious (as judith would say).

After dinner they crew sang Happy Birthday to me. Janna made a stunning huge cupcake with polka dots (so me). It was such an enjoyment to watch Blake sing the actual Happy Birthday song to me. He loved it and so did I!

Soon after happy birthday Richie was Santa and handed out gifts to all of us. The boys did so good waiting their turn to open gifts. Blake was totally into Christmas this year. He would sit on his knees, hands folded, and wait for Uncle Rich to call his name. He ripped opened the gifts and would hold them up. He learned very soon to make a pile of all his presents. All night he carried around his Wiggles and Toy Story 3 movie.

Soon it was time for my dad and mom to receive their gifts from us girls. We all pitched in to get them a new large screen TV. My mom cried and my dad was so grateful. They deserve a gift like that!!!

We were able to spend some time one on one with the Scottbergs before the rest of the family arrived. All the kids were downstairs and played video games with the guys, while us women were relaxing on the couch talking. Blake just had a hay day with Parker and Kent. He would run around, grab their hands, call their names, and just want to be by them!!! Blake's smile and squeals were so much fun to listen to through out the night.

While we were relaxing on the couch, I drank a huge glass of cold water hoping to get the little ones to move for my mom and Bethany. Nope...they didn't move. Soon through they will move for others to feel.

It hit 7 o'clock and the Mang family came. It got rowdy, loud, and energetic in the room. The kids just ran and ran and ran around. I love this year listening to the joy the kids got by playing with one another and being with each other. I guess because now Blake is apart of the "clan"

Santa came to our house at 7:30. Troy Kibler dressed up as Santa and walked into the house by the walkway. Someone yelled to the kids look outside look whose walking. All the kids ran to the window..I wish I could have taken a picture of all the little faces peering through the window to get a look at Santa. Soon Santa came in the front door and was greeted by adults and kids. The kids would go to him and look at him and then run away.

Santa was kind enough to sit in a chair and have all the kids sit on his lap. Parker, Nico, Gigi, and Wyatt did a pretty good job. Kent and Blake not so much into it. Pop Pop had to carry Kent and Blake to Santa. Kent sat on Santa lap, but Blake sat on Pop Pop's lap next to Santa. Blake wouldn't talk to Santa when it was his turn. Soon Santa was saying Merry Christmas to everyone, and Blake went up to him while Santa was sitting down...and his little voice said among the loud crowd, "I want Wiggles Santa" Oh my heart melted to see this little boy get the courage to talk to Santa so he made sure Santa knew what he wanted. I again of course didn't get a picture of it.

The kids had so much fun again opening more gifts with their cousins. This time Richie and Jason played Santa handing the gifts out to everyone. Blake did awesome waiting his turn. He sat on his knees again, bouncing up and down with his hands folded. He waited and waited....he would look at Richie and anticipated him calling his name out for a gift. There was one point that I looked at Blake and he was mouthing to Richie, "me, me, me" and pointing to himself. It touched my heart that he was so sweet about it. He wasn't screaming, yelling, or mad it wasn't his turn he waited paitently, but yet so excited!!!

After Santa left we of course had lots of dessert to munch on. We then played white elephant which was crazy and insane! No was so loud the babies were moving through the game. They could here the loud and craziness that they are about to be born into.

We left the night at 10'o'clock. I hated to leave. The night was so much fun and so enjoyable for me. It goes by way too fast. That's what I hate about times I look forward to...they come and go so quickly!

I really enjoyed this year seeing Blake run around with his cousins, hearing his laughter and squeals with the gifts he opened. It was different this year because I didn't have to watch him to discipline him, I was able to observe him having a Christmas that I knew when I was growing up...and in return I was able to enjoy family time more and seeing his face light up with all the gifts and company.

What a great 2010 Christmas!!!!

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Judith and Lance said...

Oh Sharon, this is such a precious post. I'm so happy for you, that you were able to spend and have a wonderful Christmas with your family! I'm just sorry it went by so quickly!