Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby shower #2

Oh my goodness! I loved the shower my family threw for me. It was done with such creativity and precious planning. I loved the colors...which were teal, green or a turqoise, orange, pink, and some other bright happy colors. There was a table cloth that was striped with plates that were to act as polka dots. I LOVED the food. Bethany and I think my mom came up with the idea of Panera Experiance. It was bread bowls with three types of soups: minestrone, potato, and chicken noodle. Then they had three salads catered: Chicken Ceaser, Tuscan Harvest (my favorite), and Chopped Salad, and then a big fruit bowl. For dessert they had my favorite cake from Jewel....that was a marbel cake and the best frosting ever! The cake read "Bundle of Blessing" The cake was decorated to make the polka dots and then a special touch from Bethany with dots on the bottom of the cake. They had two types of cookies with lemon bars and a dessert.

The event started off with Bethany asking everyone to sit down three times. Then auntie Denise and auntie Pam read a poem and devotion.

We ate and talked and visited. While we ate, Bethany asked for the person who had the longest labor, biggest baby, and smallest baby to raise their hand and they were given a prize.

Then we opened gifts....we were truely blessed once again by everyone's generosity. After gifts we had dessert and visited some more.

I realized through talking with my sister that everyone had a part in the shower:
grandma bought the cake, cousins and aunts helped with making soup and putting together the tulip center pieces. I also realized that everyone in the room for our shower was there for Jason and I during our hard time in our marriage, and there they sat now celebrating with us not only the mircle of our marriage but also the blessing of a child...they were celebrating with us something happy and joyous.

I loved my shower...I know that my mom and bethany sacrifced time, money, and energy to make it so special. I was so blessed to be able to say my mom and sister cordinated everything....I couldn't have honestly asked for a better shower.

As Bethany was driving me home I thought, oh it's sad...I had so much fun and loved the decorations and theme that it was sad to think now it's just a memory.

Well, we are on now to talking about how to plan Janna's wedding shower!


Megan said...

Congrats! You are going to be a great momma.

Kelly Weinberg said...

It sounds like it was a beautiful shower! I'm glad you have such wonderful memories to cherish forever! Oh, and I love all of the bright colors they picked for your shower! :)