Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Saturday

So after I wrote my blog yesterday I had continual pain in my back. I really thought it was a pulled muscle or a UTI. I called the OB on call and he said to make sure everything is okay to go to the hospital and have them monitor me and do a urine test.

Jason was in Rockford and so he couldn't go with me. I am so blessed my mom lives five minutes from CDH(the hospital), so I picked her up on the way. We walked into Labor and Delivery. They checked me in...and they told me I had to take my clothes off. I wasn't too keen on that. But I did as I was told and I laid in the hospital bed as they checked the heartbeat and the movement of the baby.

The nurses at the hospital were wonderful. Very sweet, nurturing, and answered any and all questions. It was fun being in the hospital with my mom...we talked and she kept my mind off of what was going on.

The nurse came in and looked at the heartbeat and said that everything looks okay. She said that there is some irritability with the baby. That means when I don't drink enough I can have some contractions related to dehydration.

I then saw the doctor and he did an internal....I told him I didn't shave and I felt really bad. He just smiled. He said that I am not dilated or anything and am fully closed. He also mentioned the head is now at the top of my belly button. So the baby turned the opposite direction that it needs to turn.

My mom asked the doctor if I could deliver a little earlier...a couple days and he said no if we do a c-section we do it at 39 weeks. So I won't get to have Janna there for the birth...which I have to be okay with.

Next, I am feeling a little shame because I hadn't shaved for the doctor, he had to do an internal, and the nurse turns to me and whispers...honey next time you come in so you know, your gown opening goes in the back, not the front! I got so red! Oh my!

So that was my Saturday. Everything is good with the baby, no early labor, and the last thing the doctor said to me was...your 35 weeks, well honey you have awhile to go yet before the baby is born. So much for my thought that the baby would be born sometime in the 20's of March!


Megan said...

Well, I am very glad to hear that the baby is doing well and PRAISE THE LORD God answered my prayers. The baby turned around!!!

I like talking to you as well about our babies coming SO SOON. That doctor doesn't know what it is like :} (either do I) haha BUT I do know how you feel on the time. I think 5 weeks is very soon. 5 weeks is a lot shorter than your 8 months and my 5 weeks is a lot shorter than my year wait. We can talk all you want about how soon are babies are coming. Thanks for your comment on facebook. :}

I hope this pain does not return. I will pray that you stay healthy and that your baby stays in the correct position.

And about not shaving. I am sure the doctor has seen MUCH worse. I have went to the ER before and was not shaved and I felt horrible. But the nurse told me just like I just told you. They have seen a lot worse.

About the gown thing...Sometimes you have to have it opened in the front or the back. They should have told you. Every doctor is different and every test is different. So don't even worry about them. You just stay calm and wait for your SOON arrival.

Janna Banana said...

i hate being away from home...this sucks so much

Gina said...

I am so glad that you and baby are fine and healthy!!! Continue to get rest and drink your fluids and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask.

Lana said...

Oh Judith - in just a few short weeks, you will hold your precious baby! (And shaving will be the LAST thing on your mind!) love you!

Bethany Patrice said...

wearing your gown backwards is the least embarrassing thing that will happen to you during delivery (although I don't know if that's the case with a C-section). Do you remember when I was in labor with Kent, and I insisted on taking a shower and shaving before I went in to the hospital? Us Eltons are all alike.

Kelly Weinberg said...

I'm so glad your mom was able to go with you to the hospital. I'm also happy that your baby is turning! Yeah! I can't believe you are going to have a baby next month! Whoa! This is such an exciting time!!!

kdana said...

can you tell i am reading all these in one day?
glad you and baby are okay! suprised that if it's a csection you can't deliver early, but the docs know best.