Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally the birds

I ran some errands at 7:45 this morning. As I pulled into the garage at 9:15 and was ready to shut the garage door, I notice birds chirping. I then sat on the couch waiting for the laundry to finish and could see the shadow of birds flying outside. is starting to show....people and animals have come out of hibernation for a few days. Ugh...only to watch the news and see more snow headed here for Monday and Tuesday!

***side note...i feel as though the baby will be born sometime in the 20's of march...we'll see...we will know more in 3 weeks!


Megan said...

I love hearing the birds outside. Since you brought that up, I have not heard them lately. :{

I am praying for you and your delivery.

Janna Banana said...

well, you better feel as if the baby will be born in the 20-22nd's! That's when I'd be home!