Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh man!

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. The baby was monitored and looks healthy the doctor said. I was hooked up to a machine to check the heartbeat and movement of the baby. When the doctor came in to check me she asked if I had coughed at all during the time I was being monitored. I told her no, she said well you had a contraction in there. I didn't even know! She didn't say a braxton hicks contraction, she just said a contraction. I have three weeks until the baby turns....that is March 18th. She said if it doesn't turn after March 18th, most likely it won't turn.

I find myself praying not for it to turn and not for it to not turn...I find myself praying for God's will to happen. I don't know what would be best for me a c-section or normal birth...I am trusting whatever it is, it's what I can handle and what the Lord wants for me. I keep saying that, but I do have a peace about it. Either way, they both make me squirm. I just wish a baby could be born one push, no pain, and then born able to nurse right away with no problem.

I am getting anxious to know if it's a boy or a girl. My students yesterday wrote down the estimated date of when the baby will come and if it's a boy or girl. Everyone in class choose a boy except for two people.

My mom thinks it's a boy, Jason's mom when she saw me for the first time when I was pregnant said she thinks it's a boy. Bethany at the start said a girl...not sure what she says now...actually now she asks if they have my due date wrong because of how big I am.

I am anxious more than ever to know the gender.

Jason has been wonderful helping out. Running errands for the baby, putting things together for the baby, researching best products for the baby, rubbing my feet, grocery shopping, cleaning, and then simply being kind enough to ask how I am doing with the changes of not working and the baby coming.


Megan said...

Oh I thought the baby had already turned. I guess I read something wrong. I am praying for God's perfect will. You are going to be a great mom.

Keep me informed!

Karebear said...

Oh Sharon! You and that sweet baby are in our nightly prayers! In fact, Reese's preschool teacher is also expecting her 1st baby right around the same time as you we have two teachers, two bellies, and two babies to pray for! Hang in there, hon! Oh...and don't fret about the shaving thing...I'm sure they've seen way worse! LOL! xoxo

Janna Banana said...

well JP and I can't wait! He can't wait to be an uncle "again." We are so excited to babysit as a married couple! :) I really mean that!

p.s. I still say it's a girl!

Megan said...

P.S. I still think it is a girl too!

kdana said...

I am glad that you married such an incredible man that is taking care of you and reassuring you through this entire pregnancy. He will be a great father, and you a wonderful mom.
love ya