Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baby Shower #3

I had my third baby shower yesterday. It was so much fun! There is a picture of me adn three other women. They were the ones responsible for throwing the shower. Cheryl, Cindy, and Leslie. They made it so special. Then there is a picture of another girl with the cake pan...she is who teaches third grade with me...Julie. Her mom made a yummy cake and decorated it for the shower. Then Julie headed up collecting money for my stroller and carseat. I loved it! I cried when I opened my stroller and carseat. I was so touched by that. Then they gave me a gift card to picture people in the mall. Others gave such thoughtful and generous gifts in addtion to the carseat and stroller. Sitting at the baby shower confirmed to me that I work at a wonderful school with such thoughtful adn caring staff members.

I then posted some pictures of the crib and bedding...Jason put together the crib in less than an hour...what a great husband and fixer of a man.

The picture that you see that is brown and white polka dots and green adn white striped is a picture I painted for the baby. I kept looking for some kind of art for the baby's room and couldn't find it, so I decided to paint one myself. My papa is going to paint a paisely one for the baby....can't wait!


Gina said...

The crib and bedding look great!!!! Nice job picking all that out. You are getting everything all set and before you know it that lil one will be here!

Megan said...

How AMAZING!!!! Everthing looks great. Our next baby shower is March 1st in MD at Chris' home church. His mom and two sister-in-laws are throwing it for us. Our babies are coming sooooo soon. Check out my myspace with two new pictures of her that I got from the birthmom today!!! Love yah girl and hang in there!

Kelly Weinberg said...

What a fun shower! I'm glad you were so blessed! Oh, and I love the bedding and the beautiful picture you painted for your baby!

Can you believe you are going to have a baby in a little over a month!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

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kimberly said...

that is so sweet. what a great group of people you work with! glad to hear that you are doing well and that you had fun. cake looked as good as you described. wish i could have been there with you to help you celebrate!