Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do I have to

Well yesterday I had the teacher who will be taking over my class come in and observe all day. It was hard for me to realize that she is taking my class for the rest of the year. I know she will do a great job because she has taught at a Christian school for many years before this. I just don't like the fact that I have to hand over my class to someone so quickly. I invested in the kids, trained this kids, love these kids, and now just have to hand them to someone else.

Out stroller came yesterday, Jason put it together. I like it...I think it will suite us well.

I have been really tired and really super edgy! I just am dealing with a lot of emotion and feelings as the baby is coming very soon.

I don't want to leave my staff of teachers either. I love the staff and parents I work with, it's hard to leave something that is so wonderful!


Gina said...

Sharon this is a huge change for you!!! All of these emotions and feelings are normal and ok. As you only have 6 days left, just soak up as much as you can with your kids and let them know just how much you will miss them.

Megan said...

Awww that must be hard. When we moved here from PA I had to leave my kids and class. I still miss them, but I know they are doing well.

Emotions and feelings must be normal.Ditto on that one.

Love yah and thanks for all your advice and help yesterday!

kdana said...

proud of you for making it through all the trials that come with change in life. you are a strong woman. hang in there! this your last week, right? praying for you, love ya