Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today at school, my students did a talent show. We had three girls write a skit, act it out, and do a dance in the middle of it. I had a boy who did magic tricks. Two boys who did some art and shared it with the class. A group of students who did a human video. There was also some kids who reenacted the Good Samaritan from the Bible. It was so much fun to watch these kids do their talent. They smiled, laughed, and really enjoyed one another's performances. I usually do the talent show at the end of the year, but decided to do it today since I will not be here for the end of the year.

Today the teachers had a luncheon for me. I have felt so blessed and supported by the staff at CCS. Their words of encouragement and listening ears has really been amazing.

Ahhh two days left....I am feeling so many emotions. It's hard to leave somewhere that is perfect. Why leave when something is going so well? I told my students that when I am gone I will really be thinking about them....especially next week when I am home and no baby yet. I am glad I just took about a week off before the little one is due....I don't know what I would do with myself if I had taken more time off of work.


Gina said...

The talent show sounds like such a great idea! Did the parents come and see it?

That staff loves you and will miss you! I am glad that you are enjoying these last few days with them.

Maybe next week when you are off we can get together and kill some time.

Bethany Patrice said...

do you remember when we put 20 barrettes in our hair and did the superbowl shuffle for mom and dad. we thought we were so talented.

Kelly Weinberg said...

Enjoy your week off before baby Sidell arrives! I can't believe you are going to have a baby in another week or so! WOW! I'm so excited for you! =)

Karebear said...

I can't believe some of the things these kids came up with! They are so creative! And they were oh so proud to show off the things they had worked so hard on. One of my faves was the skateboard jumps over the chair. LOL. They attempted anyway. xoxo