Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wide eyed...

I was watching hockey with my nephew Parker, by his request. He was sitting on the couch totally into the hockey game and I was in a lazy boy reading a magazine half watching the game. Suddenly a fight broke out and I covered my face with the magazine...I look at Parker and he is even more into the game now. He looks at me and I told him, " Shar Shar doesn't like fighting. Do you?" Parker answers with wide eyes, " Yes...I like it!". I realized hmmm okay this is a boy and if I have a boy I have to allow them to be into fighting and wrestling even more so...I have to be okay with it. Well...if I have a boy the Lord will have to make me more of a tomboy and more lax with fighting.

Jason and I were talking yesterday morning and I told him if we have a boy, I want to dress him like Carlton on Fresh Prince...he goes ahhh no! I want a preppy cute gentle boy. I know Jason wants a rough, strong, athletic boy. Anyways...the Lord knows already what type of child we will have. I have seen it where there are preppy families but then the child chooses to be a skater or goth. I wonder does it matter how we raise the child in the home will it effect how they dress or what st lye they will have when they are older?


Judith and Lance said...

Yes, I'm sure it will effect your little boy, that is why it's so important to represent Jesus. Carlton was definitely a Jesus rep, so I think you should be just fine!!

PS If this next one is a boy for me he'll be dressed skater!

Bethany Patrice said...

you are going to be a great mom...for a boy or a girl. if you have a boy, he will be the most well mannered, best dressed, and most sensitive little guy. then, he'll hang out with his cuz and get warped.