Monday, March 10, 2008


I went to the doctor today. My appointment lasted maybe 10 minutes. I was in and out so quickly. They checked the heart rate and still in the 150's. The baby is breech, so next time I go to the doctor they will do an ultrasound to check the position of the baby and will schedule my c-section.

As I think about the c-section, the one thing that I am not okay with is that Jason leaves me after the baby is born and during that time they will sew me back together. Jason is also not in the pre op. room as the prep me for the c-section. The whole c-section is said to take only 10 minutes. The recovery and sewing me back up takes about 50 minutes. I told Jason this's going to be nice for him in ten minutes he has a baby to hold and he gets to leave with it.

Well, we had our "Great Expectation" class on Saturday. We did an all day session
9-4. Man was it long! It was very informative, but I do not think it was worth $98. I did enjoy myself and enjoyed being with Jason. We had some great laughs during the class.


Anonymous said...

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Kelly Weinberg said...

What is the "Great Expectation" class? I'm assuming it's a class teaching on parenting. Who spoke? I'm glad you and Jason enjoyed yourself even if it wasn't worth $98!

I'm still praying for you! God's peace and comfort will be with you in the hospital even if Jason can't be with you for some of the time!

Janna Banana said...

little precious baby in shar-shar's belly, just be healthy! We can't wait!

Auntie J