Friday, March 14, 2008


It's crazy it's my last day of teacing for awhile. I can't really explain what I feel. I feel too many things right now to try and sort out. I am glad that I taught almost four years (2.5 months shy of exactly 4 years) before I had my first child. I just hope I love my job as a mother just as much as I love my job as a teacher.


Megan said...

You will probably love it even MORE! Have a great last day! Your going to be a great mom.

Lana said...

You WILL love it - for some of the same reasons, like seeing the beautifull eyes of your child when he/she learns something that you have been trying to teach him/her. And, for some entirely different reason - like the fact that his/her love for you will out-weigh all of you students put together (even if you have unbrushed teeth and no make-up!)

Megan said...

Need advice on my newest blog. Plan B&C. How are you feeling? Love you!