Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update and baby's birthdate

My last day of school was craziness...we had a field trip to CiCi's pizza. We then had a mom come and teach the class about banks for about 45 min. Then the day ended with a baby shower for me. A student's mom made the cake. It was adorable and yummy too. A teacher made the sign for my baby...Jason adn I hung it in the garage...I love pulling into the garage and reading that my precious baby is God's masterpiece!It was a fun filled exhausting day. 12 parents came to the baby shower for me and the students just had a blast. On my last day of school, my dad came to school and surprised me with flowers. He said he knew that it was my last day I would have a hard time so he wanted to see me. So sweet of him. Jason then took me to dinner to Biaggies so celebrate. I cried when I pulled up to the school in the morning realizing I as done teaching for the year. The day at school ended with my team coming in my room and we visited a little and took pictures together. It was a wonderful last day of school.

On Saturday, March 15th, my dad came over and helped get the house ready for the baby. Jason and my dad worked hard for about two hours putting together the swing, pack and play, blinds, changing table, and finishing up the third bedroom. It was so fun!

On Monday, March 17th my first day off of teaching, I woke up at around 6:30 had waffles. I talked on the phone, did some laundry, and ran some errands. I even dosed off for a half hour.

Today, Tuesday March 18th I went to the doctor. I had an ultrasound which Janna was able to be at and the baby was shown to be breech still. The doctor came in and said that baby weighs around 7 lbs 12 oz. We scheduled a c-section for March 24th...my baby's birthday. She talked about a c-section for awhile and answered some questions. She left the room and I began to cry. Jason wanted to hold me, but I didn't want to cry anymore. I don't know why I had those tears, and they kept coming down for awhile...but I just cried. In six days I am going to be a mother of a boy or girl....it's such a responsibility. Jason and I went to dinner and got stuff from Babies R Us. Everything is coming together and needs to come together as the little one is coming very soon!


Megan said...

You will do great! You are so blessed!

p.s. its ok to cry! ;}

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Kelly Weinberg said...

You precious baby is going to be born this Monday!! YEAH! I'm so happy you had a memorable last day of teaching! I love the sign that a teacher made for you. What a great message!

I will be praying for you on Monday Sharon. Remember God is right by your side! Love you!

Bethany Patrice said...

I LOVE the cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Lana said...

Did you get my voicemail? Goodness, all the emotion of becoming a Mom came over me as I learned that you will be a MOM on MONDAY!! SO excited for you, Sharon! love you!

kdana said...

i am exhausted hearing all that you have done. can't wait to meet your precious baby