Monday, April 14, 2008


Today is the first day I am alone with Blake since he has been born. He is three weeks old today and is growing! I started off the day with nursing Blake and saying a prayer for him and I. Blake started off his day with peeing on my sheets and spitting up on my pillow. Shortly after that, I put him in his crib and he slept a little. I straightened the house, got ready, ate breakfast, and did laundry....all in a matter of 45 minutes! Blake then woke up and I read him two books and played a worship CD for him. He fell asleep to the worship CD and as he laid there, I watched the video Jason took of when Blake was born. I feel like that time went by so fast and was such a blur. I wish I would have soaked that time in more when we were in the hospital and he just entered the world. I have to be careful (I am trying to tell myself) although I am tired and drained not to wish away these newborn months. What a challenge that is!

I would like to run to the store with him and see how I do. I am a bit nervous about taking him out on my own...but you don't know how you do until you try.

This evening we have a doctor's appointment for him to have his tongue looked at. I don't know if they will have the procedure done in the office today or we will have to make another appointment. I can't wait to be done with the doctor's office, I am there every week whether it's for Blake or me.

I miss time with my husband. It seems as though any "extra moments" we have, we are resting or cleaning the house. We don't see to have quality time together, but I am trying to not pressue him and be okay with the few moments we do have together.

Oh...we took Blake to church on Saturday night, and he did a great job. He slept the whole time and was such a good boy. He takes after his cousin Parker, Parker sits so well in church, it always impresses me.


Cara said...

Wow, he slept through church!!! You have an amazing child, Blake will have to talk to Wyatt about how to behave! I still haven't taken Wyatt out alone, Noah has been with me everytime. You and Jason will enjoy every precious moment with each other even if that includes Blake. Noah and I just stare at Wyatt for like 20 minutes, that is how we spend out Friday nights now. But don't forget to take a date night here and there. It is so important to put your marriage first even though you want to spend every waking minute with Blake :)

Megan said...

You are being such a great mom.I am sure you will do GREAT today!!!

Bethany Patrice said...

have you met Parker? Are you sure this is the same kid that lives with me?

I've told you a 1,000 times, after the baby is born you will have to learn how to be married all over again.

The first three months are an adjustment for everyone!

Janna Banana said...

well auntie J and UNcle J can't wait to go to church with him!

kdana said...

great job for taking him to church, and glad to hear he did well. sounds like you had a busy day but productive and like you are keeping your focus where it needs to be. want to hear how the doc apt goes!

Karebear said...

Is he already 3 weeks?? Whoa! That went fast! How are you feeling?? I mean, stitches and all?? Are you pretty mobile?? Hang in there, honey! I remember my arm throbbing too...from holding my heavy babies. It will be temporary. Promise. xoxo

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