Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Realization and awful picture!

First of all, this is an awful picture of me, but the only one of my mom and I took together while in the hospital. This blog isn't about's about my mother!

I had my mom stay with me Saturday through Wednesday. She did EVERYTHING. She took the initiative to clean my house, do laundry, bring me breakfast, cook me lunch, be my chauffeur, and give me emotional support.

I have had a hard recovery from my pregnancy. I found out I have two blood clots in my lungs, I am on Cumadin for 6 months and have to be careful of what I eat. I love salads, and that is on my list of things high in vitamin K, which I cannot have. On top of that, I have an infection from nursing. My mom was up with me all night trying to massage the infection out and putting warm towels on it. There was a point in the evening where I was in so much pain, I was so out of it, just closing my eyes laying in bed, and she embraced me and held me. She prayed for me and comforted me as I was hurting and so frustrated. She would get up and change Blake. She would get new pj's and blankets because he wet through the ones he was wearing. She oraganized his closet, she put baskets together of things I would need so I didn't have to go up and down the stairs or get out of bed alot. I would get 4 hours of sleep, and my mom would get even less than that. Then the next morning she was up helping around the house. I would get up to do something and she would tell me sit down and she would do it for me. She would let me sleep in as she bathed Blake and took care of household chores.

There are so many other things she did, but I have to say that I realized through the time she spent with me, her unselfish love she has for me as a mother. I can't imagine the love she had for me as a child. I wish I would have realized this sooner and expressed my appreciation to her and her sacrifices she made for me.

Mom, I owe you so much, yet I could never know how to repay you for all you have done for me as a child, teenager, and as an adult. I am sorry for the many times I did not show my appreciation and love back towards you. Thank for giving to me unconditionally and loving me with flaws. I love you so much, and grateful that God gave you to me as my mother!

Love you much!


Lana said...

Sharon, it's amazing what becoming a mother does for your appreciation for the role of your own mother! How are you?? How is Blake?

kdana said...

wow, what an amazine woman. and an amazing writing of her. i am in tears. Love you dearly and glad that she is able to help you during this time.
how is the breast infection?

Megan said...

Your mom sounds A LOT A LOT like mine. We are very blessed. Miss you! I hope this recovery speeds up for you so you can enjoy your baby blake more!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I am at work reading your blog and now I have to re-do my eye make-up b/c I cried it all off! What a sweet tribute to your wonderful mother. Rosie is a great woman!!

I'm praying for you Sharon and I have all the faith in the world that God is going to heal your body 100%!!

Karebear said...

What an awesome spend your first few days as a mom with your own sweet, giving mother! It's very true...becoming a mother makes you look at life and circumstance and even past memories soooo differently! Hang in there, with that infection! I kno how painful those are! They can make you wanna quit nursing. But, if I could give you even an ounce of advice, it would be to NOT GIVE UP!!! Nursing your baby is such an awesome experience...AFTER the first couple of painful weeks! It's very worth the wait! Hang in there babe! xoxo

Wendy Waltmire said...

Sharon~I too am in tears! I totally understand where you are at. I don't think anything can prepare you for the season you are in. BUT... what is awesome is to see how God will bring you through your situation! It's just the beginning of learning what we will do as mothers for our you're Mom has demonstrated. The funny thing is as tough as this time is, in a year or two you'll be anxious to bring another precious one into this world to love and go through it all again knowing full well what to expect! Congratulations Mommy!

Anonymous said...