Friday, April 18, 2008

A little smirk

Today when I was nursing Blake he gave me a little smirk...I then had him unlatch and saw an even bigger smirk. Uh..priceless. We have spent our mornings nursing, singing "This is the day", reading a Bible story, and napping. The days aren't flying by yet...but more and more I am enjoying my time with Blake. I miss him when he is sleeping and wish I could just gobble him up. I love going in his room and seeing him lay in his crib and rest peacefully. His little arms and hands are above his head as he soundly sleeps. I look forward to the weekends, but it's no the same as when I wasn't a mom. I look forward to seeing Jason a little more and having him around the house. I only saw Jason for an hour last time with him seems to be getting less and less. HOpefully that doesn't last long!


Megan said...

I'm glad things are getting better slowly but surly. You can do this! I will be praying that you get more time with your hubby!!! Love yah!

Lana said...

Oh Sharon, it's just gonna keep getting better and better! Earlier this week I was on the phone while nursing and something made me cry (nothing major; just one of those days) and Nathaniel started laughing - he was laughing at me so hard that every time he tried to nurse he would have to stop because he was laughing so hard. It was AWESOME! And he and I had such a great afternoon today. He's my little buddy, getting bigger and more "conversational" all the time. Um...I better stop comment is turning into its own post! love you!

Cara said...

I am so happy he gave you a little smile!! I still can't wait to see the little cutie!