Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sleepy eyes

Last night when I went to bed, I knew that I had to still read my Bible. I thought if I opened up the Bible and saw the words, my eyes would soon shut and I wouldn't have remembered anything I had read. I decided instead of watching the Real Wives of New York City Reunion, I would turn on the preaching channel. I saw this woman preaching a message that seemed to catch my attention.

There was one thing that stood out to me the most with an analogy that she did based on James when it talks about trials. She got out a camera and started to take pictures of the audience. She said that each of you in the audience has patience, love, kindness, self control,ex. deep down in you. She started taking pictures of people in the audience and then asked... where do I have to go to get the pictures a dark room. That's the same thing sometimes with the fruit of the spirit. We have to go through the dark room of trials and see that when we are done, we have developed love, kindness, patience, self control, ex. that already existed deep in us.

I loved that analogy especially with learning to be a mom...what patience I have to have for Blake, Jason, and myself in figuring out how this all works. I was encouraged and it gave me something to think about and pray about for myself. It helped me realize that I need to pray that those characteristics or fruits of the spirit within me would surface and soon help me to be a better friend, mother, wife, daughter, ex.


Lana said...

This is an awesome analogy, Sharon! Thanks for sharing it!! It's amazing what becoming a Mom does for your relationship with the Lord - oh, how I NEED Him and LVOE Him! Love you, too!

Megan said...

Good stuff. Thanks! I needed that. I hope you are doing well. Love yah girl.

Kelly Weinberg said...

I love analogies! That was a great one that women gave! It is so true!! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! :)

How are you and Blake doing?

kdana said...

what a great analogy! thanks for sharing it. brought tears to my eyes. good reminder.
love you

Cara said...

I could totally see how uplifting that message would be. And you are doing such a great job Shar, even through every hindrance that has come your way! And I love the pics of Blake, he is adorable :)