Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have this thing about checking expiration dates on food. Thankfully I do that because I have thrown away several things out my fridge and families fridge of food that is way past being good. Not only that, but even at stores I have also have had to return food because of just purchasing it and seeing that it has already expired. Well in the paper today, it said that 33% of people ignore expiration dates on food....I am so glad I am not apart of that 33%!


Kelly Weinberg said...

I always check the expiration dates too!! I found a jar of spaghetti sauce at a certain grocery store once that expired in 2006!

I will always check the expiration dates on food! After all it is going into my body!

Megan said...

I check the expiration dates before I buy my food from the store, but I do slack on checking them once I buy them.

I helped my friend move last year and she had TONS AND TONS Of expired food that I MADE her throw away. That was my job and it took forever! She just laughed at me! ;}

mscottberg said...

i always get confused on dates because some say "expires on" others say "best when used by" and some say "best when purchased by"! then there are some items that the numbers and letters are so jumbled that i can't decipher what the expiration date is:-) i know some people that are the opposite...the keep everything. they will even cut mold of cheese and bread, and eat the good parts:-0