Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Suggestions please

Alright, the winter is fast approaching as the leaves have mostly fallen off the trees outside. The last of the warm weather is now behind us and I am thinking about what to do this winter. For you stay at home mom veterans, what are some ideas you have to help the long winter afternoons go by fast before the husban comes home?

PS- Blake is so cute when he knows he is going to eat or nurse...he smacks his little lips and moves his mouth. Ugh I just love that boy! It's amazing how I love him more and more each day.

I am working with him on several things right now:
* to do "How big is Blake?" and throw his arms in the air
* to roll over from back to stomach ( hopefully leading to crawling)
* to actually stay on his stomach
* to wave bye bye
* to point to the light

Hopefully by the end of the holiday season in January we will have accomplished all those things and much more!


Judith and Lance said...

I have ONE really great suggestion to carry you through those winter months -- come and visit your friend who lives in Mnpls, that will make the winter fly by, it really will, I promise!!

Blake is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I love the new pic, his eyes are so bright and happy.

You are a wonderful mother, it's so nice that you are working w'/ him on those things. I'm sure they'll all be accomplished, thanks to your hard work!

Megan said...

I know blake is still little, but you could have little art projects for him to do.

Finger painting...yes even at that age. It is good for babies to feel didn't textures.

If you are worried about him eating the paint you can always use ketchup. If you want to make it a different texture you can always put gold fish or some other little snack in the ketchup.

I love little projects!

Bethany Patrice said...

you can start "school" with time, art time (like Megan said), reading time, flash cards for vocab, gym time....

Also, you can invite people over to your house for hot chocolate and cookies. It can be your ministry. Hospitality is one of your gifts.

kdana said...

He looks more like you every day

Gina said...

Don't forget to add to your list learning body parts and animals...hehehehe

Lynne said...

Can you go to the library? Some libraries have good collections of board books for babies, and a nice open area for them to roll around. You might be able to meet some other moms and even read a bit yourself. :-)