Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am a bit worried. As I looked at the next several months the rest of Sept-November, Jason and I are so stinking busy. Soon after November then comes Christmas time, which is always a busy time of year. It's scary to me. Normally I wouldn't mind being so busy. I would just think of it as something to look forward to during my work week. However, now that we are expecting in March, I have some new thoughts towards being busy. You know how it is.....when you are so busy, time flies by. I looked at Jason yesterday in the car, and I said, "honey, we are going to be so busy the next couple months and before you know it we will be in our last trimester for the baby." He looked at me and said, " is going to come quickly!" As he said that, my heart sunk. I LOVE time with my husband. I never can get enough of it. It's so scary to me that someday soon his time and attention it going to be focused on another human being. I am grateful that my parents live near by and my sister Janna will be moving back towards home in May. I know we could always have my family sit for the precious baby in my belly. But driving on the way home, having it just him and I in the car, snuggled up to his big shoulders....I just thought...this time of you and I is going to quickly end...and then a tear came into my eyes. Hormones....maybe? Reality....maybe? Whatever it was, I want to savor each evening we have of relaxing at home of watching the Cubs together and having no responsibility or int eruptions but him and I and enjoying our time together.


Judith and Lance said...

Sharon - you know how I feel about this, it's so great that you realize it now and are doing what you can to relish each precious alone moment w/ Jason. I didn't think much about it when I was pregnant and now looking back miss those times SO much. BUT, the great thing is that you wouldn't change it for the world after that little one comes along and it only makes the bond between the 2 of your stronger and the times when you are alone together that much more special.

Janna Banana said...

this is why JP and I wanna wait for a while after we get married....i want my time with him! We'll be busy enough being an Aunt & Uncle!