Thursday, September 6, 2007

I think it's soon!

Here I am sitting at work. I have to talk to parents tonight about my classroom. I don't like talking in front of adults, but sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone. I was doing something for school today and saw that we are 1/4 through our first quarter already. I have mixed emotions. I am sad to know the year for me is slowly leaving. Something really cute happended today in class. During Bible we were talking about Mary and Joseph in class and how Mary and Jospeh lost Jesus while they were traveling. They were traveling for a day and saw that Jesus was missing. They didn't worry too much because they thought he was with friends or relatives. So I asked my kids would they be concerned if they had a child and they were lost and they couldn't find them? And this little boy raises his hand and says, "Wait, didn't you say someday you wanted a child?" I said yes hopefully someday soon. Then this little girl says ," Mrs. Sidell, I think it's going to be really soon for you." How sweet were these kids. I Can't wait to tell them about the precious baby in my belly!


Bethany Patrice said...

when can i put out a myspace bulletin that my sis is pregnant?

Janna Banana said...

they are so cute....and i love that kids are so genuine. mom will have the best birthday present ever this year