Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Everyone Knows

Well, pretty much everyone at works now knows we are expecting. I was thinking yes it is exciting for people at work to know, but I enjoyed them not knowing. I just felt like for so long it was just me and the baby and so close and connected and no one else knew there was life in me. I loved that secret that I had. I would just touch my belly during meetings at the beginning of school and think ahhhh I know your there, but the people in this room don't. Oh looking at my chest, face, and belly, there is no hiding it now!


Judith and Lance said...

Sharon Sidell - you cannot tell from your face and belly that you are pregnant, you are SO little and cute... it is fun to have a secret like that, isn't it? You'll find many more reasons to enjoy your pregnancy that only you and the baby share, don't worry.

Bethany Patrice said...

You mean people couldn't tell because of your mood swings? Just've not been bad at all. I remember being pregnant with Parker and crying at a Saved by the Bell episode.