Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Big Sister

She was always older and taller
and sometimes tried to be a baller

She would leave me in a middle of a game
and she often would yell at me when I would look at her and want to dress the same

We would pull eachother hair and fight
and she would make fun of me cause I had to sleep with the light

We would talk spanish in bed
I couldn't hang out with her friends she said

Now we are best friends
and maternity clothes she freely lends

She make fun of me for writing a poem
but her and I will always be welcomed at one anothers home

She is one I confide in
and when I am down I can count on her to give me a grin

I bet she will add to this little diddy
and think she is so funny adn giddy

Oh Bethany she is older than me
but sisters and best friends we will always be.


Bethany Patrice said...

roses are red
you are a dork
you so crazy
you do your hair with a fork

roses are red
you have many storm fears
you are pregnant
and look like Britney Spears

Kelly Weinberg said...

You two are hysterical! Sharon, you are really good at writing poems! Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh! :)