Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Telling the class

Today was so much fun! I decided the way that I would tell my class that I was pregnant was by doing a game of hangman. They were so excited when they solved the puzzle. They solved it and just kind of didn't say much, and then I told them that I was having a baby in March. After that, I got many questions like: Will you bring the baby in after it's born? Can I hold the baby? Will you come back and teach us? Then this one little girl said...."Can my mom and I go shopping for you and buy you maternity clothes?" How funny is that??!! She was just so excited.

Side note....the dr. called and said I am still hemorrhaging in my uterus. Please pray that the hemorrhage resolves. They said they are going to monitor it.


Happyness said...

We will continue our prayers for you! Wonders never cease and God has continually blessed your growing family!!

Such cute stories about the kids!

Judith and Lance said...

you are so creative! i wish you could teach bella's 3rd grad class!