Friday, September 7, 2007

He knew it

God knew it all along. It's no secret that Jason and I had a really tough beginning to our marriage. Our trial lasted a year and a half. There were plenty of days I wanted to give up and just end it. I am now writing in amazement as to how wonderful my marriage is and how grateful I am that the Lord didn't allow Jason and I to give up.

Jason has been such a wonderful husband during my pregnancy. Ever since we found out, to having all the ultrasounds and the fear of miscarriage, he has been so supportive. He has cleaned, done laundry, and grocery shopped for me. On top of all that he has gassed up my car and got my oil changed. He has not done this only once, but several times. He is making sure I am resting, and always checking what I am eating. When we go to bed we give one another a kiss good night, and he says "I love you, I love the two of you" I can't wait to see Jason hold our precious little baby in my belly in 29 weeks. He will be a great dad!

Thank you Lord that when I questioned and doubted you, you knew it all, you knew all that we would endure and you knew that you would carry us through. You knew Lord that I would need a supportive husband during my pregnancy and you allowed it to be Jason. I am so grateful for you seeing the end in sight when I didn't! I thank you Lord that you gave me strength during the hard times and your grace helped me to hang on to your promises. Thank you Lord for blessing me far more than I could ask or imagine! (ephes. 3:19-20)


Bethany Patrice said...

I remember praying and telling God, "If you can put this marriage back together, I will know that you truly are real" Look at what God's done. You marriage is a reminder that God can restore and heal even the most darkest of circumstances.

Judith and Lance said...

Sharon - it's so amazing to see the perfect way God healed your relationship w/ Jason. Satan wanted to destroy a beautiful thing, but God honored your obedience and faithfulness. I can't help but think about the role your family played in your determination to see it through, your parents trained you to follow God and seek Him and as a result you have a wonderful marriage and now a child on the way. WOW!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I read your blog with tears streaming down my face. I thank God that he healed your marriage and he has now blessed you with a precious gift of a new life! He is a loving and compassionate God and so worthy to be praised!