Saturday, September 8, 2007

A poem

Little precious baby in my belly
You live a womb that is round and squishy like jelly

You cause my face to have many zits
you make me smell, that is my pits

My chest has been growing
people say my face is glowing

I love you so much already
and so does your proud daddy

You are only three months old
and soon you will be born when it is cold

Mommy thinks you are a precious gift
and she hopes her pregnancy goes by really swift

Each day we pray for you
and can't wait to hold you and see you coo


Bethany Patrice said...

I am going to add to your poem...

You are going to keep me up all night
And make all my pants tight

You are going to treat me like a cow
Taking all the milk I'll allow

I can't wait to hear you coo...
I can't wait for the diapers with poo...

Janna Banana said...

i like the poem...haha. however, i have no experience with this because all my job is at the moment is to work on spoiling ya'lls kids. haha. This poem reminds me of the many random ones we wrote while on the way home from Missouri this last spring. O...good times!

Janna Banana said...

i'll be in for my spring break until March 29th...i think you should try and have this little bundle of joy early!